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(Smart) Motion Blur in Nuke

Those of you who like using RE:Vision Effects’ ReelSmart Motion Blur plugin, for adding natural looking motion blur to an image sequence, but don’t have the budget then OFlow is your answer. Nuke’s OFlow node is essentially an advancedĀ  retiming node with a motion blur option. The same vectors it uses to create the inbetween frames are used to create a vector based motion blur.

The following image sequence has no motion blur:

No Motion Blur Sequence

Animated ball image sequence with no motion blur

To add motion blur to it you:

1. Add an OFlow node (only available in NukeX) bellow the image sequence in your script.

OFlow node with standard settings

OFlow node with standard settings

2. Change the “Speed” option to “1” so there is no actual retiming of the plate and you are just adding motion blur.

3. Change the “Shutter Time” and “Shutter Speeds” to your liking.

OFlow settings

OFlow settings are "Speed" = 1, "Shutter Time" = 1, "Shutter Samples" = 22

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  1. JR September 28, 2012

    So let me get this right, you attach the node, and then you choose some settings ‘to your liking’ and then thats it? Does this also work in final cut pro?

    • carolinevfx October 3, 2012 — Post Author

      Yes James! All you have to do is export a motion blurred sequence from nuke into FCP šŸ˜› After waiting for a VERY LONG RENDER as anything with motion vectors takes ages to render.

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