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Speedo Challenge on Eyeka

This past year has been about learning how to make movies on a relatively low budget and keeping a day job as Compositor.  Since, getting an entry level DSLR (a Canon 550D)  I haven’t really been able to stop experimenting with it and this has led to a large collection of stock footage. I wasn’t sure this stock footage would ever come in handy but after looking for online competitions to participate in and coming across, I found a use for it!

All the footage shot during my holiday in Thailand could be used to fit the Speedo brief. It took an evening to sort through the footage and choose my favorite clips. Once that was done, I chose a song and started editing to the beat – a very first rough cut.

On a Thai Bus – 35mm Lens, Canon 550D

All the underwater footage was taken with Fuji XP10. It’s pretty good value for such a cheap camera.

Fishy footage from Koh Tao, Thailand – Fuji XP10

Once I cut all the Thailand footage, I realised the story could do with a better introduction so I shot some footage in Old Street, next to my office, that could tie everything up a little better. Here’s the final short film:

The first music I chose for the film, unfortunately was a little expensive on the license / rights front but after posting a message on facebook, I got a talented young man called, Daragh Dunwoody, to do all the sound design.

Hope you enjoy it… and if you do, don’t forget to vote!



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  1. Edu October 19, 2011

    Great stuff Carol!
    I buy it!!
    ANd I buy the sexy voice too.
    Let me guess whose it is…

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